I am super excited to start working with Magnolia Editions on translating my Extinct Series images into a medium of tapestry. For any questions about the project, waiting time or how to preorder, please contact me through the website or Andra Norris @ www.andranorrisgallery.com.

Magnolia Editions (aka Magnolia Tapestry Project and Magnolia Press) is a fine art studio in Oakland, California founded in 1981.  

Primarily a printmaking studio, since the 1990s Magnolia Editions has also gained a reputation for its tapestry editions. A set of proprietary color matching techniques developed by Donald Farnsworth based on his years of printmaking experience are used to digitally direct electronic looms at a mill in Belgium, putting an industrial technology in the service of fine artists. Magnolia has published Jacquard tapestry editions by artists such as Chuck Close, Alex Katz, Bruce Conner, and Kiki Smith, among others. Each tapestry work typically contains 17,800 warp threads and 8 groups of repeating colors. Magnolia Editions tapestries have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the White Cube Gallery in London.