More than 60 California artists have successfully met the challenge of creating an artwork each day for 50 consecutive days. This process is a real test of the artists endurance as well as creativity. This year the participating artists were selected by Brian Gross of the Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco.
The opening night is August 26. If you want to see the show in its entirety, be sure to order tickets in advance to the Preview Fundraiser, August 26, 6 pm to 8 pm, at (Last year, the tickets sold out before the Preview Fundraiser began!) Here is the link for Preview tickets:  

Preview attendees also have the advantage of being able  to  see  the  exhibit  in  its  entirety,  and to reserve  purchases  early.
Starting  at  7:30  pm,  buyers  may take purchases  home  with  them. Then at  8  pm,  the  doors  open  to  the general public.

Sanchez  Art  Center  is located  at  1220  Linda  Mar  Blvd,  Pacifica, California

About the project

Musical notation fermata indicates prolongation of the time value of a note or rest at the performer's discretion. Without a fermata, our mind might not catch up with the progression of music. Our everyday life is intensified by processing a lot of information continuously fed to us by technology and society. I think of a fermata as a pause, an invitation to "stop and smell the roses". To stand still for a moment and let yourself be taken away by the meditation of observation. I personally was intrigued by the dance of media developing right in front of my eyes; enchanted by reflection caused up in the metallic surface and how it changes with light; the hard and soft of lines and shapes; the imperfections of the laid leaf - never being able to control the final result, giving into the media and trusting time spent in the studio.